Branding + Print Design
The Problem:  Typical branding for space related content tends to be minimal, masculine, and focuses on the dangers of space travel. Hotel MEO (Middle Earth Orbit) is a concept luxury hotel focusing on the idea that space can be more than sterile and cold.

The Solution: MEO breaks from the traditional space aesthetic and focuses on the wonders of the universe. The branding creates a cozy atmosphere inspired by planetary geography. 
MEO takes pride in physicality and connecting its patrons to our solar system. All materials such as door tags, keys, and postcards are sustainably specialty made and infused with matter from the planet it is themed after. ​​​​​​​
Each floor is inspired by a different celestial body, shown here are the Mars, Venus, and Neptune levels. Each floor is optimized for a different demographic, to ensure that everyone on Earth (and beyond) can find a home at MEO.  
the planet associated with energy, strength, and confidence. Our spacious Mars suites are perfect for large families and groups of friends. This level includes a common lounge and game room to make connections out of this world! 
the planet associated with love and pleasure. Our Venus suites are the most luxurious of them all. Perfect for honeymoons and romantic getaways, this level includes a spa and yoga studio specializing in gravity free aerobics.
the planet associated with intuition and spirituality. The Neptune level was made for curious minds looking to learn and explore our solar system. This floor is unique in that it has permanent residents from NASA, CSA, and ESA, who collaborate on astronomical research aboard the Hotel MEO facilities, and are always looking for volunteers. 
hotel MEO includes full cellular and internet service, but we encourage our patrons to take a moment and write to their loved ones on Earth — analog. We have designated quiet areas over looking our little blue marble, a fan favorite among writers and the spiritual. Several post card designs are available to perfectly capture the message you want to send!

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